Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially Sprung and with it the spring tree care season has started.

To celebrate this, we’re offering 10% off decompaction and soil injection work, with either our Terravent or Airspade.

Helping spring your trees back into life and giving them have a healthy start to this growing season. This work can help prevent disease and gives a healthier growing medium for all of your trees and plants.

This work can be carried out as part of a three stage program to help keep your trees and plants in tip top health.

Phase 1

Tree inspections, apart from satisfying the requirements of occupiers liability, can catch any problems before they become major issues, and with the majority of the canopy still bear, signs of winter damage is still easily visible.

Dead wood and damaged branches can be removed before the major spring flourish begins. Waiting until warmer weather can lead to the spread of pests and diseases. We don’t recommend this for all tree species, as some prefer pruning work to be carried out when dormant, with others when in full leaf.

Phase 2

Decompaction work and soil work will allow the free movement of oxygen, water and nutrients, to your trees and plants roots. Its also an ideal time to add any additional amendments. While we don’t recommend the use of granulated high nitrogen fertilisers, or weed and feed, other organic beneficial nutrients can be added.

This work can also help prevent flooding of your lawn and flower beds as it increases the percolation rate of the soil.

spring tree care with the terravent

Phase 3

Mulching, an often overlooked but simple method of helping plants. 2 inches of mulch around your trees and plants can improve soil moisture over dry spells, and reduce competition from unwanted weed species.

We can supply chip mulch for you to spread yourself, or we can carry the process out for you.

Spring tree care woodchip

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