Tree Care

We believe that Trees should be shown a high level of care and not just hacked about willy nilly by self-proclaimed Tree Doctors.

As such we offer a range of tree care options that doesn't rely on a one size fits all prescription that involves reaching straight for the chainsaw.

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Development Sites

Under the uk planning system trees are a material consideration and Lpa's have a statutory duty to consider the protection and planting of trees when granting planning permission.

It is necessary to identify at an early stage, those trees that may be suitable for retention at the same time highlighting any trees of limited value that would potentially be an unnecessary or unreasonable constraint.

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Tree Surveys

To provide the basis for maintenance and management of trees, be it a single specimen, group or entire woodland, a survey is usually required to determine the condition and quantity of the trees as well as the needs of both the trees and their owners.

Our surveys are tailored to suit the individual needs of the customer and their property with accurate tests to assess the trees vitality as well as the structural condition.

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Tree Planting and Aftercare

We provide a full tree planting and and aftercare package. From initial design and species selection, through to ground preparation and planting and followed by an agreed monitoring and maintenance package that is tailored to both the client and the trees specific requirements.

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Informed Tree Management from an ethical perspective

Located in Peterborough and covering East Anglia, we are a tree management company for the 21st century, committed to providing informed and in-depth advice on trees and their related issues.

Using our knowledge of trees and the symptoms of their diseases, backed up with modern equipment, we can quickly and accurately diagnose issues and recommend the most appropriate course of action.

We are the only company in East Anglia that owns both an Airspade and a Terravent, and can offer a wide range of solutions to tree problems that don't start and finish with a chainsaw!


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