Healthy trees begin with healthy soils.

Here at Ethical Arboriculture, we believe that to get to the root of a tree’s problems then you’ve got to start at the bottom and that plant health care should improve the environment that it lives in. By optimizing the soil a tree can grow to its full potential and defend itself from pests and diseases or withstand the effects of environmental changes.

Plant health care is not a one size fits all.

Different tree species have a wide  range of soil requirements. We start with a simple set of soil tests, to determine the Ph, nutrient, compaction levels, soil moisture levels and percolation rates. From there we can begin a tailored solution, specific to your site and soil requirements.

We offer a wide range of different solutions for decompacting soils, ranging from our simple soil auger to compressed air injection beneath the ground level. This can alleviate localized flooding by allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate and freely flow through the soil, rather than rapidly running off the surface and increasing demand on surface water drainage.

plant health care air spade Nutrient-rich organic material can be incorporated into the soil using our air spade, providing a natural soil amendment, with the added benefit of decompacting the trees rooting area.

By improving the soil we can increase the tree’s resilience to pests and disease and reduce the need for chemical usage.

A layer of pure mulch can then be spread over the tree rooting area, creating conditions similar to a forest floor, reducing the chances of compaction and drought-related issues, while providing a steady flow of nutrients as the mulch is broken down into the soil.

But we don’t stop there.

Plant health care arborcheck

Using our Arborcheck system we can test a tree’s current vitality levels, and assess them against a benchmark. This gives us a true representation of the tree’s current health, giving pre-visual results that normally aren’t visible to the naked eye. This also gives us the ability to show the positive results of our work in both the short and long term. Results of these tests can be produced as a stand-alone document or included in reports.

Our microbiometer can give a realtime accurate representation of the soils microbial level and coupled with the penetrometer tests we can show how our work has improved the rhizosphere allowing your trees and plants to thrive without the need for repeated applications of concentrated chemical fertilisers.

For further details on how one of our tailored plant health care packages could benefit your trees, or to arrange an appointment, please get in touch