Browning Patchy Conifers?

Have you got brown patches appearing in your conifer hedges or your neighbours?
Conifer mite and Cypress aphid are both sap-sucking insects that may be at fault and can ruin your trees and hedges by leaving dead patches.

Browning Patchy Conifers

It’s fairly easy to identify which one of these is at fault. Take a piece of white paper and shake the affected area while holding it underneath, if it’s conifer mite you should see little reddish-brown mites about the size of a pepper grain and, in the case of heavy infestations, spider webs. With Aphid you usually find cast Aphid skins and black “sooty” mould that grows on the honeydew excreted by the Aphid.

Spider Mite

Once it’s dead these patches don’t regrow, although the adjacent bits can fill in the gaps, so it’s important to treat these as early as possible.

We can spray your trees and hedges on either a one-off basis or in the case of heavier outbreaks, a six weekly¬†schedule, that will control the outbreak, prevent reinfestation and reduce the plant’s susceptibility to disease.

The spray we use is safe for pets and is applied in a targeted method using a backpack mist sprayer, so chances of spray drift and contamination of other areas are greatly reduced. The solution we use can also boost the plant’s natural immune system by creating a thicker leaf, increasing the photosynthetic ability and helping the trees natural immune system.

So If You’ve got Browning patchy conifers there is a cure.

And if you haven’t we can still apply a one-off beneficial spray that should prevent an infestation from occurring and keep your hedges looking nice and green for the coming year.

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