Tree surveys for development sites are conducted in accordance with the guidelines set out in BS5837:2012 Trees In Relation To Design, Demolition And Construction.

Tree Protection Plans and an Arboricultural Method Statement can be supplied where required and may include:

  • Site surveying, clear professional plans detailing the tree position, crown spread and root protection areas.
  • Definition of the building area and tree protection measures.
  • Shade assessment.
  • Landscape assessment.
  • Useful life expectancy for retained trees.
  • Assessment of the potential interaction of retained trees on building foundations and other structures.
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment of proposed construction affecting retained trees.
  • Specifications for tree works and tendering.
  • Contract supervision.
  • Submission of notice of intent or application for work to protected trees.
  • Landscape design and appraisal.
  • Specifications for landscape work and tendering.
  • Tree planting design and installation
BS5837 tree survey

Where needed, further investigation can be carried out utilising our air spade, helping provide a clear picture of what’s going on below ground, and in exceptional cases, justifying the reduction of root protection areas if needed.

Further to this, if encroachment is necessary we have a wide range of equipment to reduce any compaction that may occur during development.

We can support you project from the initial pre-development stage through to completion and have carried out BS5837 work in a variety of locations, from small domestic projects to large-scale business parks, providing us with a wealth of practical experience.