Tree Injection, also known as stem or trunk injection, is the method of a precisely targeted application of beneficial naturally occurring compounds and fungicides straight into the tree’s vascular system.

By injecting straight into the tree there is no risk of leaching with no contamination of groundwater or negative effects on neighbouring plants.

This can add a vital kick to the trees natural immune system, helping it fight a wide variety of diseases, such as Bacterial Bleeding Canker in Horse Chestnuts and Acute Oak Decline in Oak trees.

We start by measuring the height of the trees and Dbh, to determine the volume of liquid needed and the number of injectors, before mixing the required solution and preparing the injectors

After drilling a small diameter hole the low-pressure injectors are inserted into the tree and the process can begin, with the tree determining its rate of uptake rather than relying on a high pressure that could potentially damage the vascular system.

Once the compounds are absorbed the injectors are removed and disinfected, to prevent cross contamination, and are ready for the next tree injection treatment.

Minimal Fuss and Minimal Disturbance an Minimal Damage

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