We offer a full tree planting service, from initial planting scheme design and species selection through to planting and aftercare. 


Whether its a single large specimen tree in an urban setting or the creation of a new parcel of woodland, it all starts with a simple discussion with you the customer, concentrating on what you want to achieve. This coupled with some site measurements, to ascertain the above and below ground space, alongside some simple soil assessments, helps us come up with a species short list. A small selection of trees that have been chosen to suit your needs,  the ground conditions and above all the space that you have. 

We do this as we want to ensure your new planting has the best chance of reaching maturity without unnecessary pruning or the need for premature removal from incorrect species selection or even worse complete failure.

Once the scheme has been agreed plants are sourced from reputable UK nurseries, with strict bio-security policies to prevent the importation of pests and diseases, and ground preparations can start before the trees are delivered. This prep work can range from the simple removal of turf and de-compaction of the proposed planting space,through to the mulching of large areas of vegetation. All this work is organised and carried out in house with no need for the customer to arrange for outside contractors or labour.

On the day of planting we arrive before the tree or trees, to begin the excavation of the planting pit and ensure the tree is out of the ground for the shortest possible time. Once planted any necessary root guides or load bearing cells are installed before the hole is back-filled and the tree secured either by below ground guying or staking. Where possible pure chip mulch is applied around the rooting area, ideally just beyond the drip line of the trees canopy, and the area watered with a mix of rainwater and simple sugars to encourage the trees growth and boost its natural immune system.

Post planting we offer a full aftercare package, whether it be inter-row mowing and weeding of large plantations or the watering, mulching and monitoring of specimen trees, with dates for each visit and the work required pre-agreed. In the case of specimen tree monitoring we use the Arborcheck system to test for tree vitality giving an accurate on the spot report of the trees health using leaf fluorescence.

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