Air spades are increasingly being requested for excavations within rooting areas. Whether it’s for detailed root inspection, excavation or soil decompaction, the air spade is a simple cost-effective tool for sensitive excavations with minimal damage.

The use of a compressed air powered tool, or Air spade, facilitates excavation, soil management and tree health care within a tree’s critical root zone. Unlike mechanical excavation techniques, air spading efficiently loosens and removes soil without damaging a tree’s delicate root system.

Air Spade Excavation

Specialised Excavation for Construction

Lack of proper consideration and planning, excavation to build foundations, install pavements and utilities can cause excessive damage to a tree’s root zone. Utilising the Air Spade, excavation can be carried out to accurately determine root positions justifying any reduction in root protection areas and giving an increased area to work. Any roots that are found are measured, photographed and wrapped were needed to prevent desiccation. From this information obtained additional reports can be produced to support a BS5837:2012 document.

Air Spade excavation

Root Collar Investigations

There are numerous pathogens that can affect the root collar region of trees, that can’t usually be inspected due to being underground. Typically trees that are suspected of having root decay are felled on a “just in case” basis of risk management. Using our Air Spade we excavate soil from the root collar, or the rooting area in general, to facilitate a thorough inspection of the root collar and buttress area. From this, we can then determine the extent of any root damage, be it fungal or Abiotic, the extent of any root decay, and check for girdling roots which, if caught early enough, can be pruned to prevent any long term harm from arising.

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