While it seems everybody fertilises their lawn to encourage its growth and improve its disease resistance few people apply the same level of care to their trees.

Do my trees need fertilising?

In forests trees have Nutrients galore. In our gardens that’s not often the case.

As we sweep away leaves, fallen twigs and bark we’re removing potential nutrients for the soil . Additionally grass up to the base of our trees is not natural and often out-competes trees for available nutrients and moisture.

soil decompaction with the airspade

Its quite simple to mix organic material in with our air spade or soil augers, but where grass needs to be retained for aesthetics these aren’t always an option.

That’s where soil injection can come in.

By using our Terravent to De-compact the soil and inject natural, liquid, slow release fertilisers and nutrients into the soil, this can kick start your trees for the upcoming growing season, while benefiting the natural soil bacteria. We can even add Mycorrhiza spores, a symbiotic fungi that can help your trees grow, along with a range of other beneficial’s that can help fight a wide range of tree diseases.

Proper fertilisation and soil care can help you trees and plants fight against pests and diseases and help them stay healthy and vigorous for years to come.

And by using soil injection we can add specific organic fertilisers straight to the roots, rather than a broad spectrum granular blend sitting on the surface.

Soil injection with the terravent

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