First Blog Post of 2022

Here it goes, the first blog post of 2022.

So, what’s going to be different? Not a lot if we’re honest. Last year was spent pushing forward with the business, promoting what we do differently as a business while consolidating on the bread and butter work. By bread and butter, I mean tree surveys to BS5837:2012 and the occupier’s liability surveys, sometimes referred to by those looking to scare people and top up the pension fund as tree risk assessments or health and safety surveys despite the HSE having no interest in tree surveys until something goes wrong and someone gets hurt.

What do we mean by the differently bit.

Well, all the stuff we do that no one else seems to bother with, usually because it requires more than a few short courses to learn, so the stuff like AirSpading, Terravent work, tree injection and the more making your trees grow healthier and better type stuff rather than the more common “lets cuts bits off because that’s bound to make it better” despite the science saying that’s a stupid idea.

That’s enough of what we have done so what are we going to do differently for 2022.

Well, we’ve bought some extra testing kit to help provide more data for the tree health side of things and in conjunction with our existing tree testing kit, to demonstrate what we’re doing to help really is helping even before it’s visible to the naked eye.

We’re going to make more video’s for the YouTube channel, I’ve got a few ideas for some new content in that respect, and I’m going to push harder to get the message out that we don’t need to cut every tree down every five minutes and that sometimes the experts really are has been drips under pressure!

So that’s it first, blog post of 2022 and here’s hoping I remember to do a few more.