New year, Same us, only with added shiny things!

A belated happy new year to everyone reading this.

I purposefully haven’t rushed to get this blog post out, or to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, for the simple reason that every man and his dog would be publishing theirs.

Anyway as the title suggests we’re not planning any massive changes here at Ethical Arboriculture, but we are looking to refine what we do and push forward with the company and pushing arboriculture as the professional industry it should be and can be. We’ll be publishing more videos through our YouTube channel, showing a wider range of work, pushing our Facebook page harder and to a wider audience and obviously publishing this blog with a few additions.

We’re going to add a sign up form, so if you desire you can sign up for notifications for when the blog is published or any news/special offers are being released. There’s also going to be a bigger push on the google ads front and I’m wading through the list of Country shows to see what ones will be a fit for us and what we’re about.

And that’s pretty much it for the first blog post of 2019. Thanks for reading and just remember to keep on keeping on.