Finally a new blog post.

The original plan for this website was simply to be an online presence, and the blog was part of the package that was offered so I ran with it.

There wasn’t a master plan for constant blog posts or updates at first, but after countless hours researching, it seemed that if I didn’t blog no one would find us. So the plan changed, and I had the cunning plan to update it fortnightly. Might have been a bit over confident with that but there we go.

Anyway. That went wrong, tree surveys, stump grinding and planning issues and home life got in the way and while the online presence has grown, blog posts have been created and not finished or posted.

So. I’m going to try again, on a monthly basis and be consistent as well as honest and myself. Hopefully it will be easier to write.

But what does that mean then? 

Well that means when I come across some down right blatant rubbish being spouted by another company, I’ll call it out. Simple as that. There will still be posts about tpo rules, fungi, tree health and such like, but when I see or I’m sent something to work on that someone else has cocked up because they can’t be honest and admit they haven’t a clue or want to drum up work for their super shiny new piece of kit so they recommend its use even though it’s not suitable, then I’ll post about it.

The tree industry has always had a bad reputation for work practices and half truth’s, so I’ve decided to make a stand, call out the bad practices and hopefully open a few eyes. Its worked with a customer this week and he now won’t be needing to waste his money on three unnecessary and inaccurate tests to determine whether his trees unsafe.

I might even make a video of two as well. Make a change from my recent attempts with the gopro and stump grinder but I’m not going to do what every other tree firm with a camera and you tube account seems to do and start calling myself a media or production company as well, I’m a tree man, with a camera, a website some social media and an opinion.

So on that note thanks to the people who do read this, I know there’s probably only two of you but hey ho, and if you want to see what I’ve been up to since last time, theres been some updates on Facebook, Instagram is up and running, and YouTube has had a bit of love as well.